DIY It – A Mini Swan Pool Float Vase

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You guys! I can’t contain my excitement over today’s DIY project! It’s a mini swan pool float vase (or planter or mini desk organizer). So many options for using this little guy!

Isn’t it cute?! And can you believe it was made of simple air dry clay?! Yep, good old Crayola clay.

The Supplies:

  • Air dry clay
  • White acrylic craft paint
  • Black acrylic craft paint
  • Orange acrylic craft paint
  • Small votive candle holder or bottom half of a large Easter egg with no holes

To begin, simply start molding the clay around the Easter egg/glass votive. Then build the wings and neck and attach them to the body of the swan using a bit of water to create slip (watery clay that acts like glue). You can even use the cross hatch method on the parts that you are attaching to each other to create a better bond. That just means you will gently score a cross hatch on the interior part of the wing and on the body and then use the slip to attach the two pieces.

Once you have your general shape, let the clay dry out for a few hours and then come back with some water and smooth out the shape by dipping your finger in the water and running around the swan to smooth it.

When fully dry (this will take a few days), use the acrylic paint to paint the swan white and add the orange beak and black eyes. When the paint is dry, your mini swan is ready to adorn your desk!

As you can see, the because of the container in the middle, you can use the mini vase to hold fresh flowers, or as a planter for succulents or even as a little catchall for binder clips and paper clips.

I know that I am going to enjoy sharing my desk with this mini swan vase all summer. So even when I am stuck inside on my computer, I can dream of floating in the pool!

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