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Happy Friday! I have been MIA the last few days dealing with a few family issues, so I missed being able to post these two mini costume ideas earlier this week. But I wanted to at least share them with you today so that if you are still in need of a costume, you could get a little inspiration before the weekend. The first costume was my last in the Instagram inspired group and is a fruit flay lay costume! All you need is a hot glue gun, some felt, and a black sharpie to create slices of fruit. Then you hot glue them onto a white shirt and you have your very own pretty fruit flay lay!

Cute right?! For the next “costume” and I am using that term very loosely. I whipped up a pair of googly eye pom pom earrings. They pair (ha! get it?) perfectly with these DIY googly eye shoe clips and are a simple way to dress up without having to really dress up.

To make the googly eye pom pom earrings you will need a medium pom pom maker, white, and black yarn. Begin by wrapping the black yarn around the center portion of one side of the pom pom maker. Then wrap the white yarn around that and on the other side of the maker. Cut down the middle and tie off with a piece of yarn. Trim the excess yarn so that the pom poms become tight balls and then use a pair of jewelry pliers to add on a jump ring and ear hook. If you want them to dangle and can’t find these long post ear hooks that I used, you can add a piece of gold chain between the ear hook and the jump ring.

So there you have it, two simple yet fun last minute Halloween ideas that you can craft up this weekend. Next week I will be back with a few fall/Thanksgiving ideas, then I am jumping straight into the holidays with tons of Christmas ideas. I can’t wait! 

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