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I’m back with yet another quick DIY costume idea, the #plantlady! Whether you have Jungalow style like Justina Blakeney or just dabble in the plant love, this plant lady costume is the perfect quick Halloween costume idea! Plus it gives you another reason to keep your palm leaf print outfits out a bit longer.

This costume was by far the easiest to put together. All you will need is a green outfit (a plus if you have a palm or banana leaf print piece in there), a few faux plants, and a hanging planter.

To begin, style your hair and then pin in a few small stems of greenery. For the palm leaf ascot, bend the ends of a few faux palm leaves and pin them into the top of your shirt neckline. Finally, transform your hanging planter into a mini purse, just hot glue in a few faux stems to the top and use the interior of the planter to hold your going out essentials.

For those wondering, the shirt is from Target and their A New Day collection and the shorts I picked up at Old Navy a few years ago, but you can find similar palm leaf ones here.

And that’s it! A #plantlady costume that is quick simple and oh so cute! But if you really want to cement your plant lady status, feel free to go all out and create a faux plant headband that is a real statement and even glue a few faux stems to your shoes too! I just love that this costume is silly and cute but still a bit dressy at the same time. And really, who doesn’t want to be a #plantlady?!

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  1. Audrey says:

    This matches the theme of my classroom! Where did you get those leaf pillows??



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