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It’s no surprise that I am obsessed with gradients. I love the way the colors overlap to form new colors and that subtle switch from one color to another. So naturally I have experimented with applying gradients to everything I can. And nothing is safe, not even chocolate! Especially as we near the most candy centric holiday.

These gradient chocolate bars are a snap to make and you can’t tell me you wouldn’t rather eat chocolate in this colorful form!


  • White chocolate bars (or make your own with melted white chocolate and a chocolate bar mold)
  • Spray food coloring by Wilton
To make your own gradient chocolate bars, simply mold your melted white chocolate and let cool (or use pre bought white chocolate bars). Then, on a covered surface (I placed mine on a piece of parchment, but paper towels work too), use the spray food coloring to spray the chocolate bars. You will want to concentrate one color at the top of the bar and let it gently fade down, and then come in with a second color and spray the bottom and let it gently fade up so that the two colors overlap forming the gradient. 
Experiment with different colors to get different gradients, just be sure not to spray too much food coloring or it will start to bead up on the chocolate. Once you have them the way you like. Let them sit uncovered for a day or so to let the food coloring absorb into the chocolate. Then they are ready to package in a clear cello bag to gift to your color loving friends or to simply indulge in yourself. And if you want to go super fancy, add a few flecks of gold luster dust or mix in crushed cookies or candy to the melted chocolate when molding your bars. However you make them, I can guarantee they will be tasty and oh so pretty!

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