DIY It – Googly Eye Surprise Balls

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I recently came across the concept of surprise balls. Basically they are little toys or candy wrapped in crepe paper and decorated to fit your party theme. They are the perfect gift bag alternative and guests will love unwrapping and discovering the treats within (yes, even adults will love them, just be sure to include some adult friendly treats like chocolate, money, or little bottles of booze). All those videos of surprise bags and Easter eggs being opened are popular for a reason!

To accompany last weeks googly eye party, I made a few googly eye surprise balls. They were such a snap to make and were the perfect party favor!


  • White crepe paper rolls
  • Black crepe paper rolls
  • Little trinkets, toys, and candy
  • Glue
Begin by choosing one toy and wrap the crepe paper around the toy to form a ball. Then add another toy and wrap the crepe paper around it and the center toy. Continue adding a few toys or candy and wrapping until you form a round ball shape. Cut off the unused crepe paper and use a bit of glue to secure the end to the ball. Lastly, cut a piece of black crepe paper into a circle and glue it onto the ball to create your googly eye. 
It really is that simple! While the surprise balls were decorated like googly eyes, you an easily change up the design to eyeballs with the addition of a blue or green ring of color around the pupil and a few drawn on red lines. Or you can wrap the toys in orange crepe paper and attach a green pipe cleaner stem to make them into pumpkins. The options really are endless! And who wouldn’t love tearing into one to reveal all the prizes within?!

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  1. Amy at Suburban Soiree

    October 11th, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Oh I just love the surprise ball idea! I'm really into eyeballs this Halloween too – ha!



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