How to Decorate for a Stylish Holiday Fiesta

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I am so excited to share this holiday fiesta styled party that I threw with the help of Sunshine Bouquet Company! I will admit, this party was a creative challenge as I wanted it to have an authentic fiesta feel, but with my own signature style mixed in. You be the judge, but I would totally want to be a guest at this party!
Obviously the inspiration for the party were the fiesta bouquets that were filled with gerbera daisies in  bright poppy colors like orange, pink, and red, gold glitter laden evergreen stems, and Lily of the Incas. Incorporating these colorful blooms meant that the party was going to have hints of every color, but by keeping the table neutral and the tree white, the colors were able to pop without being overdone. 

When first styling a party, I try to think of the centerpiece and table settings. For my fiesta table, I knew I wanted to incorporate little bouquets of flowers into the centerpiece. To do this I used these DIY blendo flower vases and filled them with coordinating colored flowers. 
In between the flower vases, I used the same technique as the vases to give ceramic bowls a pop of color and then planted them with cacti and white rocks. 

That easily took care of the centerpiece, so I moved on to the place settings. Since this is a holiday fiesta, I layered in several colorful plates and topped each with an striped ornament. Gold flat ware and a coupe filled with a cranberry margarita added a bit of style and pop of holiday red. Since this was an informal party, I used a low coffee table instead of a traditional dining table and found the most perfect red, blue, and green poufs that reminded me of serapes.

It’s easy when setting up a table to easily go overboard and add too many things, but by keeping the decor simple, it gives every element a purpose and makes them pop.
For the tree, I added a little more DIY flair. I started with these cute felt cacti and multi color fringe garland I found at Target, then added in DIY fringe ornaments, DIY hot glue cacti ornaments, and more striped baubles that matched the ones at each place setting.
For the fringe ornaments, you simple need to fringe cut crepe paper rolls leaving about a 1/4″ strip un cut along one side. Then use plain white glue to glue the fringe around a plain ornament. You will want to work from the bottom to the top and can keep them all one color or switch up the colors as you move up towards the top. 
For the hot glue cacti, simply use your glue gun to draw (or trace) a cactus shape on a piece of wax paper. Let cool and use scissors to remove any extra glue. Then use acrylic craft paint to paint the glue green. Add an ornament hook and they are ready to decorate your fiesta tree!
For food, tamale’s are the perfect holiday choice, but you could also whip up a pan of avocado and green chili chicken enchiladas! But we all know that the star of any dinner party is the desserts. Homemade churro marshmallows, mini churros in Mexican spiced chocolate sauce, and a tres-leches cake with a papel de picado were the perfect after dinner treats. 
To fill out the dessert table, more bouquets of flowers and a few ornaments made the table feel festive

I have to admit, I am so excited by how this party turned out! Now who wants to come over to fiesta with me?!

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