DIY Reindeer Surprise Balls

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Okay, I have become obsessed with surprise balls. I blame it on my kids. But I’m not obsessed with opening them (as they are), but rather, with making them! They are as simple as wrapping crepe paper around little toys, but then when you all the final touches of antlers and a pom pom nose, these reindeer surprise balls just become the cutest thing ever! It’s like a modern day Christmas cracker but so much easier to make yourself!


As I said, for these you just need to gather a few little toys, temporary tattoos, mini candy canes, stamps, stickers, etc… and then wrap one toy with crepe paper, then add on another toy and continue to wrap and add toys until you have a nice ball shape. Secure the end with a bit of glue. Cut out antlers from tan felt and hot glue on the antlers and a pom pom nose and your reindeer surprise balls are ready to delight your little ones!

I can’t wait to put these in my kids stockings this year!

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