Super Simple DIY Holiday Bauble Rings

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Another super simple DIY coming at you today. DIY bauble rings! I am not one to wear rings usually because they tend to get in the way of my crafting, sewing, and baking, but these oversized bauble rings are the perfect holiday party statement piece. You can even make them with mini disco balls for some sparkly New Years eve bling.

  • Mini Ornaments or Disco Balls (these can be found at Target or the craft store)
  • Pliers
  • Hot Glue
  • Blank rings with glue pad (these can be found on Etsy or in the jewelry section of the craft store)

Begin by removing the cap from the ornaments and then using the pliers to snip off the top edge of the ornament to make it a round ball. Then simply hot glue the hole side down onto a ring blank.

Once the glue is dry, your bauble ring is ready for the party!

So simple and yet so much fun! Do you think it is too much if I wear them all on one hand like this?! Hahaha!

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