Make your own Felt Ball Letter Board Flair

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A month or so ago, I shared how to easily make your own letter board flair using polymer clay and to say you all loved it is an understatement. So naturally I had to figure out another way to create flair for my holiday letter board. That’s were those handy and oh so cute little felt balls come into play. I simply took the reindeer felt balls I made for this bunting, the ornament felt balls I made for these magnets, and a little Santa face made by glueing felt onto a felt ball, and with a little DIY action, they became the perfect letter board flair!



  • Felt balls (I used 1″ balls and I got them on Etsy, but here is an Amazon option)
  • Large 12mm jump rings (I purchased mine from the jewelry section of the craft store but here is an Amazon option)
  • Hot glue
  • plastic ornament caps, felt sheets, and scissors
For the ornament balls, I just glued on an ornament cap from a small ornament. For the reindeer I glued on a pom pom nose and two antlers cut from felt. For Santa, I made a little felt cap and beard and glued them on with the hot glue and then added two dots for eyes with a sharpie. 
Next, I cut a deep slit into the backs of the felt balls. This slit went about half way through the ball but was only about 1/4 -1/2 inch long. Then I added a dab of hot glue into the slit and pressed the jump ring into the hot glue and pinched the felt ball closed around the jump ring. This will be the piece that you can insert into the felt letter board. 
Once you have all your jump rings glued in, you are ready to decorate your letter board with all your cute pieces of flair! Oh, and for those of you wondering, the felt letter board I have is from retrogram boards, the coral letters and script letters are from Joann stores. Happy fa-la-la-lidays!

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