Bake It – Faux Woven Mitten Cookies

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If you haven’t heard of Elizabeth Pawle and her colorful and full of texture weavings and tapestries, you need to check her out asap. I have been obsessed with her creations for a few years now, so I used her as my inspiration for these super adorable faux woven mitten cookies. These are just simple sugar cookie cutouts with royal icing, so nothing new there. But hopefully these beauties will give you inspiration to make your own Elizabeth Pawle inspired cookies this holiday season!

For these cookies I simply made my favorite sugar cookie cutout recipe with mitten cutters, then made up a batch of Alton Brown’s royal icing. Once I had my icing, I divided it into bowls and used gel food coloring to make several different colors. Then icing was then put in an icing bag fitted with a standard round tip (I used simple parchment bags that I make by wrapping a triangle of parchment into a cone shape then snipped the end to create a small opening). Once you have your icing, it’s just a matter of adding lines, arrows, triangles, dots, zig zags, etc. to mimic the unique look of Elizabeth’s tapestries.

These cookies are definitely a labor of love, but just look how adorable they are! Your friends and family will love them!

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