DIY Gradient Pillows

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This past weekend I experimented with another new craft supply, fabric spray paint, and created DIY gradient pillows. There is nothing like trying something new to get you out of a creative lull. Of course my initial idea was to attempt to create a gradient pattern on fabric using the spray fabric paint. While it turned out okay, I felt limited by the color options.

So that is when I broke out my regular spray paint and spray painted white Ikea pillow cases. I wasn’t sure how the spray paint would effect the fabric. Would it be stiff and smell? Well, I am happy to report, that it actually worked pretty well! Using my go to Montana Gold spray paint in a few colors, I gave a standard white canvas pillow case a little gradient spray action. After it dried and aired out for a day, I was surprised that the fabric didn’t feel to stiff or smell. Woohoo! A new craft method was born! DIY Gradient Pillows

Full disclosure, the pillow isn’t one you would want to lay your head on, but it is perfect on a couch or chair. And while it is definitely not soft to the touch, it isn’t stiff either. So I think its a project you should try if you are at all interested. And if you aren’t about spray painting pillows, just stick to the fabric spray paint and the results will be much softer.


Color Shot Fabric spray paint
-White canvas pillow case
-Montana gold spray paint in 4-5 colors (optional instead of the fabric spray paint)
-Sewing machine, scissors, and stuffing to make a heart pillow (optional)

DIY Gradient Pillows

Begin by ironing your pillow case or fabric. You don’t want any wrinkles in it when you paint it. Next, take it outside and spray paint color bursts onto the fabric. I went with asymmetrical diagonal sections for my spray. With the regular spray paint, the colors don’t overlap well, so make sure they are next to each other not overlapping. When they do overlap it tends to discolor the fabric more than blend the two colors together. However with the fabric color shot spray paint, the colors will blend quite nicely. With these colors above, I found that the pink and coral blended well and created a pretty three color gradient.

Both types of spray paint don’t bleed through the canvas fabric, so you will want to turn over the case and spray the opposite side once front is dry.

DIY Gradient Pillows

Once you have let the fabric dry out over night, bring it inside and either add a pillow insert. To make the heart pillow, cut the fabric into a heart shape and sew the right sides together with a 1/4 inseam. Be sure to leave a 4-5″ opening on the side of the heart so that you can turn the material right side out.

DIY Gradient Pillows

Once right side out, stuff with fiberfil and the sew the opening closed.

DIY Gradient Pillows

Luckily the pillow cases from Ikea are pretty inexpensive, so you can experiment to get the perfect gradient. I didn’t like the first pillow I made, so I made another in the pink gradient heart and it turned out perfect. My biggest take away from this little experiment? That yes, I can spray paint fabric, and yes, it looks just as good as I hoped! What colors would  your chose for your DIY gradient pillows?

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