DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches

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Sometimes I have a a master plan behind my crafts. Some big idea will come to me and I can wait to get started making it a reality. But in today’s case, these DIY patterned felt gift pouches literally came from the trash of another project. How’s that for recycling and reusing?! I happened to be cutting felt circles with my new Cricut maker and the amazing rotary blade (which lets you cut felt and fabric with ease), and after pulling away the excess felt, and laying to the side on a piece of uncut felt, I realized it made a really fun pattern. Then it was just a matter of figuring out what to do with it? Trivets? coasters? wallet? Seriously so many possibilties! I settled on gift pouches, but any of the above could easily be made with this patterned felt too!

DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches-7

DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches-7


-Stiff felt sheet (6″ by 6″)
-Regular flexible felt sheet (cut to 6″ by 6″)
-Fabri-tac fabric glue
-Cricut maker, rotary blade, and cutting mat

DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches-7

While most of my felt projects can be completed with out a cutting machine, this is one that really works best if you have a Cricut maker and rotary blade. But if you don’t you may try just cutting shapes out of felt with scissors and glue them on to create your own pattern instead.

Begin by using the cutting machine to cut small circles out of your flexible regular felt sheet (I just made a circle shape in the design program and copied and pasted it to create a whole grid of circles. Then I cut it out on the felt setting with the rotary blade).

DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches-7

Once you have your felt cut (keep those circles for tomorrow’s project!), use the fabric glue to tack down the cut felt onto a piece of stiff solid felt. I just did thin glue lines around the edge and between the circles. Once dry, fold your new patterned felt piece in half and use the fabric glue to adhere the edges to create a little pouch. Place a heavy book on top or use binder clips to hold the felt in place while the glue dries (about 20 minutes).

DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches-7

DIY Patterned Felt Gift Pouches-7

Once dry, you can fill your little pouch with a few fresh or faux flowers and a gift card to give to all your friends. Not only does it look pretty, but it can double as a card case after the gift is used! And if you prefer the idea of a sunglasses case, just make the pouch a little larger to accomodate a pair of sunglasses. Then glue the long sides instead of the short sides to make the case more inclosed.

Oh, and those coasters and trivets I mentioned at the beginning? Just keep the patterned felt square and they are good to go! Easy peasy! Now tell me, what would you stuff in your DIY patterned felt gift pouches?


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