DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs

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By this point you should know that I am full on 80’s obsessed and I am so happy to see that everyone else is jumping in on the 80’s fun with 80’s prom dance parties and decor! After my Memphis pumpkins and Memphis ornaments, it was only natural to try out DIY pastel Memphis Easter eggs. To make them a bit more Easter and spring feeling, I went for a mix of pastels and OMG are they so GOOD! And like always, the process is as easy as painting on eggs, so you really must give them a go.

DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs-4

DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs-4

By the way, how amazing are they paired with the new black and white crosshatch plates from Oh Happy Day?! And when you pair the crosshatch with a yellow plate, they kind of look like modern 80’s fried eggs don’t they?!

Materials for DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs:

Plastic, papermache, or wooden craft eggs
Acrylic craft paint in a few pastel colors and black
-Paint brushes

DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs-4

As I mentioned, the process is pretty straight forward. Start with the color portion and then layer on a little black and white pattern. I just free handed the shapes, but if you need, you can use a stencil, or cut vinyl to create your shapes.

DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs-4

The key to making them look 80’s inspired is to stick with geometric shapes. Don’t feel limited to just the designs I have above. Try your hand at using squares, circles, and triangles with a combo of crosshatch lines, small confetti lines, and dots.

Once dry, you can use the eggs to decorate your table, mantel, or place them in a bowl for rad decor!

DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs-4

DIY Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs-4

Are you down with these DIY pastel Memphis Easter eggs? Or are they a little too funky for you? I think the pink circle one is my favorite and am completely obsessed with how easy they were to create and how good they look with these plates! I can’t wait to see your versions!

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