DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets

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Who else needs another spring time craft to beautify their home? You?! Well, good, because I have another pretty floral craft for you! While I am not a fan of having magnets on my fridge, my office is a whole other story. These DIY crepe paper flower magnets look super cute holding up inspiration images and mini prints in my studio. Heck, they even look pretty all on their own! And if your home or office is in need of a little spring time color too, well, then these magnets are the perfect craft to tackle this week.

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets-9

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets-9

See? It’s almost like they are part of the art! Now those are magnets that I would even consider putting on my refrigerator.


-Crepe paper rolls (I use the large sheets from Paper Mart)
-Hot Glue

Begin by cutting a 3″ square from light pink crepe paper, a 1″ by 6″ long piece of black crepe paper, and 4-5 petal shapes from the crepe paper color of your choice.

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets-9

Next, add a piece of scrap crepe paper into the center of the pink square and twist together to form a ball that will be the center of the flower. Next, fringe cut the black strip leaveing about 1/4″ uncut along one side. Wrap the black fringe crepe paper around the center stamen and hot glue in place.

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets-9

Next, pull on the petals to spread the crepe paper out and make the ruffled look of real flower petals. And then glue the petals around the stamen overlapping the petals as you go until you have a full flower shape.

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets-9

The final step is to pinch the base of the flower together and cut off the end as close to the base of the flower as possible. Then add a large dab of hot glue and add your magnet. Let the glue dry they gently fluff up the flower and spread apart the petals to make the flower look more realistic.

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Magnets-9

Repeat with several colors of crepe paper to make an entire bouquet of DIY crepe paper flower magnets! Once you get the hang of this simple shape, try different center stamens and petal shapes to create different flower looks. Then go around and stick them on any magnetic surface you can find! Becuase they are just that pretty!

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  1. DeAnn

    April 10th, 2018 at 1:18 am

    Hi Kara, I LOVE these flowers! Thank you so much for sharing how you made them. Did you buy the economy or heavy premium crepe paper? I’ve never worked with crepe paper sheets, only crepe paper rolls for making streamers! LOL
    Thanks so much!


    April 11th, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    I have used both and they both work perfectly! Both are so much better than the streamers and actually stretch and ruffle like a real petal.

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