DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

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Did you know that you can use temporary tattoos for more than just kids brithday parties and hands? Those little patterned tattoos can actually be applied to quite a few surfaces and actually used to create unqiue home decor. Just look at these cute mugs from Sarah Hearts! While it is super easy to use already available tattoos, they are usually fairly small, and I wanted my whole planter to be wrapped in a pattern. Enter, printable tattoo paper. Silhouette makes a printable tattoo paper that you can use to create your own tattoos. It’s just what I needed to try to make my own DIY tattoo printed planter!

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter


Printable tattoo paper
– Inkjet printer
– Cylindrical planter ( I made this specific one from a mold I have, but I have seen similar sized and shaped ones at Target and the craft store)
-Decopauge medium (any variety works)
-Sponge paint brush
-Squeegee or credit card
-Your own pattern to print

Begin by sizing your pattern to scale in a photo program. I used illustrator to size my pattern to the size of my planter which was 3″ tall by 11″ in diameter. Next, print the pattern onto the white piece of tattoo paper.

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

Once you have your pattern printed out, you need to add the adhesive layer. To do this, peel back the green paper backing slightly and line up the adhesive layer on top of the print.

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

Use the squeegee or a credit card to slowly press the adhesive layer onto the pattern while peeling away the green paper backing. Once adhered, cut out the tattoo paper into your rectangle.

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

Next, remove the plastic backing from the adhesive layer and press the tattoo onto your planter. If your planter is completely cylindrical, then you should be able to wrap the tattoo completely around the planter. If it is tappered at all, then you may need to cut the tattoo into smaller pieces to adhere in stages. Now use a damp sponge to wet the backing paper of the tattoo and press it onto the planter. Apply pressure on the tattoo for 30 seconds. Then peel back the paper backing to reveal your pattern.

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

Let your planter dry, then cover it with a thin layer of decopauge medium. Let that dry and you are ready to add your plants. If you want to keep your planter outside, give the planter at least two coats of outdoor decopauge.

DIY Tattoo Printed Planter

I love how the tattoo paper makes it look like a real patterned ceramic planter. Plus, how amazing is it that you can add your own patterns to a planter? If you aren’t an illustrator, don’t worry, try copying scrapbook paper, gift, wrap, or artwork onto the tattoo paper instead to create your own DIY tattoo patterned planter.



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