DIY Rainbow Edged Mirror

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Another day, another rainbow project. This one uses polymer clay yet again. Yes, I know I have been on a clay kick lately, but what can I say? You can use it to create so many different projects! The great thing about this DIY rainbow edged mirror is you need only two things that you can pick up at the craft store. Then, just a little rolling and coiling of the clay and you get a super colorful mirror for your home.

DIY Rainbow Edged Mirror

DIY Rainbow Edged Mirror


-FIMO polymer clay (one pack in each color of the rainbow)
-A large (at least 14″ in diameter) round craft mirror or mirror without a frame
-Oven and baking sheet

DIY Rainbow Edged Mirror

Begin by rolling out your clay into 1/4″ to 1/3″ long rolls. I used my long craft table so that I could roll the entire package of each color into a long continuous roll. Then I wrapped the clay around the mirror setting it on top of the outer edge begining with the pink (or red if you wish) and working my way in using the colors of the rainbow.

DIY Rainbow Edged Mirror

Once I had all the colors, I layed the mirror on a baking sheet and baked the clay at 230F for 20 minutes until the clay was set. Then I turned off the oven and let the mirror come back to room temperature in the oven.

When the mirror was finally cool, it was ready to hang with wall mounting tape.

DIY Rainbow Edged Mirror

While I love how the porject turned out, the lines did get a little wiggly. I am not sure how to prevent that from happening. Maybe use a strip of cardstock to keep the clay straigh as you add it to the mirror? It also didn’t help that knocked into the clay before I baked it an messed up the bottom section and made the clay stretch too much. Then it was nearly impossible to put back into place without squiggles. So my recommendation to you would be to work on your baking sheet so there is no chance you will mess up the clay when transporting it to the oven. But hey, this DIY rainbow edged mirror is still cute and hopefully your will turn out even better!


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