DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

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Most of my DIY projects involve more crafting than just simply painting something. But this DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room that I recently revamped is just too cute to keep to myself! I’m always so surprised by how much a coat of paint can make things 100 times better.

I bought these lockers about 5 or 6 years ago at a localish flea market called Round Top. They were originally from an old Austin high school, and I loved the mintish green color of them. I kept them as is for the last few years. The lockers made their way into my daughters closet and remained untouched. When cleaning out her room, I took back the unused lockers and decided they needed a little facelift. I’m so pumped with how good they look now that styled them up in the perfect colorful craft room.

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

Aren’t the lockers so pretty with the white and colorful doors? I also scavanged my kids playroom for all the letter magnets they had and spray painted them in my own color scheme. I may need to buy another pack, because I didn’t have enough letters to spell out anything sensible. But I just love the colors of my new set up!

How I Created my DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

There are many painting tutorials out there, so likely this is nothing new, but I’ll share the details on how I made this DIY painted locker and craft room.

To begin with, this is how the lockers looked before:

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

I began by priming the entire surface with my favorite spray primer, Zinser Bulls Eye 1-2-3. Once primed, I let the paint dry for 30 minutes.

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

Then I went over the white frame of the locker with glossy white Rustoleum spray paint and let it dry. For the doors I actually painted on acrylic craft paint in my choice of colors. Once dry I sprayed on a layer of clear sealant (just a clear gloss spray paint of any brand will work).

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

For the letters I used my montana gold spray acrylic paint to paint a few letters in 4-5 different colors. The colors I used for the letters were shrimp dark, yolk, bazooka Joe, malachite, and strawberry.

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

I also used the same spray paint colors to paint this container garden from IKEA. Then I just added in a few of my favorite colorful craft supplies on the shelves and all the rest will make their home in my newly painted lockers.

DIY Painted Locker and Craft Room

Anyone else itching to paint a few lockers now?! I can’t wait to one day have a studio outside my home so I can set up my craft room to be this cute! Right now I am packed into my small office with shelves and rolling carts overflowing with supplies. It’s all functional, but not at all this cute.

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    July 12th, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    I am definitely motivated to turn something old into something brand new now! It’s crazy how a simple coat of paint can completely transform any old object into something fresh and beautiful. I love your DIYs. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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