DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels

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This is one of those crafts that you really need to use your imagination on. I wanted to try to make a set of kitchen towels inspired by my love of cacti, but the results were much more abstract that I had hoped. Either way, I still think these DIY cactus inspired kitchen towels are pretty cute and I had fun trying my hand at tie-dye, so I guess I would condier these a win.

DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels

Materials for DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels:

Flour sack cloths
Green Tie Dye kit (I used the Tulip brand bottles that you just add water to)
Gold iron on vinyl
-Iron and ironing board

Begin by gathering up your towels into a long accordion fold. Then use the rubber bands from the tie-dye kit to bind the towels every inch or so. Then, cover your work surface, mix up your dye, and squirt over the towels until saturated.

Let the dyed towels sit for a few hours, then remove the rubber bands and hand wash to remove any excess dye. Then lay your towels flat to dry.

Once dry, use a pair of scissors to cut your vinyl into 1″ strips, then cut the strips into triangles. Lay the triangles out over your towels to look like the spines of a cactus cover with a pressing cloth and iron to adhere the vinyl to the towels.


DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels

DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels

Once ironed, remove the plastic backing and your towels are ready to use.

DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels

Now that you see them, tell me, do the DIY cactus inspired kitchen towels look like cacti to you? I like the tie dye look with them because it gives them a bit of color variation, but I think this tutorial could work with just solid colored towels in a few shades of green too. Even if you don’t go the cactus route, try your hand at tie-dyeing a few kitchen towels in solid colors or a mix. It’s more fun than you might think! Just look at these other fun ones I made!

DIY Cactus Inspired Kitchen Towels

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  1. Nancy Myers

    August 26th, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    Once I read your tutorial, I could see the cactus. But either way, they are great. I can see tie dying and just adding the vinyl in any shape or words on the towel and they would be great.



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