DIY Gradient Painted Palm Leaves

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This is another one of those DIY projects that falls more under the “isn’t that a novel idea” category than a full on tutorial. But hey, these DIY gradient painted palm leaves are still super cute! I sure hope you aren’t tired of my gradient antics yet, because if it was up to me, everything could and should get the gradient paint treatment. But then, I guess it wouldn’t be as unique, so maybe not. But these gradient palm leaves bring a fun pop of color and summer fun into your space and they are perfect for a party backdrop or just tucked in a vase.

DIY Gradient Painted Palm Leaves

Materials for DIY Gradient Painted Palm Leaves:

-Faux palm leaves (You can find a ton of options in the craft store or here on Amazon)
-Spray paint in at least 3 coordinating colors (like coral, light pink, and dark pink)

To make your own gradient leaves, just spray paint patches of the leaves with each of your spray paint colors. I started with one color for the top 1/3 of the leaf, then the next color for the middle section, then the last color on the bottom 1/3. By choosing colors that coordinate, the overspray from each of the paint colors blends into the previous color making the perfect gradient look!

DIY Gradient Painted Palm Leaves

Once the paint is dry, flip them over and paint the backs, then display in your favorite vase, or add them to a bouquet of flowers as accent pieces. You can even use them as a table runner or a photo backdrop depending on how many you make. Now that is all sorts of colorful fun!

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