DIY Mid Century Geometric Pumpkins

We may be getting nearer to Halloween, but I can’t stop this pumpkin painting train yet! These DIY mid century geometric pumpkins might just be one of my favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin. I think I say that everytime I paint new pumpkins, but something about the simplicity and colors and geometric shapes just seems perfect to me. These can easily be made for Halloween, but are also the perfect decor all fall long.

DIY Mid Century Geometric Pumpkins

DIY Mid Century Geometric Pumpkins

See how simple and pretty they are?! Really quite obsessed with them to be honest.


-Faux or real pumpkins ( I like to use fake ones so that I don’t have to throw them out)
-Acrylic craft paint
-Paint brush

DIY Mid Century Geometric Pumpkins

Begin by painting your pumpkins in your base color. I like to use white faux pumpkins for this so that I only have to do a coat or two of paint for the base. Once the base coat is dry, I went back and used a pencil to draw the triangle patterns on the pumpkins. The final step is to use a small angled paint brush to paint in the triangles.

For my pumpkins above, I used Deco Art Americana paint in baby pink and teal green, carousel pink and coral blush, and coral blush and mustard yellow for the three pumpkins in case you want to copy the look.

Once the paint is dry, you can come back and gently erase any leftover pencil lines.

For a final touch, I painted the stems gold. Because I always love a gold pumpkin stem. For this I used metallic acrylic craft paint.

DIY Mid Century Geometric Pumpkins

That’s it! Simple triangles in mid century inspired patterns and simple color blocking was all it took to transform these craft pumpkins into DIY mid century geometric pumpkins. Add in a few bats for Halloween and call it done!

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