DIY 80’s Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

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I love Christmas time and DIY’ing ornaments because it is the best way to translate all my favorite trends of the year into colorful and unique decorations. This year I was all about the terrazzo patterns and everything 80’s related from GLOW, to my 80’s playlist my husband made me, to putting Memphis design patterns on EVERYTHING! So it’s only expected that I would create DIY 80’s terrazzo patterned ornaments for the holidays. I used a simple techinque using on of my favorite crafting mediums, FIMO polymer clay, to make these tree shaped patterned ornaments. They are so fun to make that I want to do an entire set of them in different shapes, colors, and patterns. Just wait until you try them! You will be hooked too!

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

So good right?!

Materials for DIY 80’s Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments:

FIMO polymer clay in black, white, and the colors of your choice
Tree cookie cutter
Clay rolling pin
-Metal baking sheet
Ornament hooks

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

Begin by rolling out your white clay until it is about 1/4″ thick. Then start to create your pattern. You can make long thin logs and turn them into squiggles, or use an x-acto knife to cut clay triangles, or even sprinkle tiny bits of clay to create a abstract polka dot look. Have fun, experiment, and try out different shapes. Then just layer everything ontop of the white clay.

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

Next, use the rolling pin to gently roll the clay and press the pattern into the white clay to create a smooth patterned surface.

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

Next, use your cookie cutter to cut out the shaped ornaments. I went with trees, but you can do candy canes, reindeer, or ornament ball shapes. Once your shapes are cut, layer them onto a cookie sheet and use a pin or toothpick to poke a hole in the top of the ornament for the hook to go through once baked.

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

Now bake the clay in a 275F oven for 15 minutes. Then let cool. Once cooled, add your ornament hooks and hang on your tree.

DIY 80's Terrazzo Patterned Ornaments

Now that you see how easy it is, I can’t wait to see what patterns you all create for your DIY 80’s terrazzo patterned ornaments. And if yesterday’s post or today’s are any indication, this year will be a very merry 80’s Christmas! I can’t wait to share a few other 80’s holiday DIY’s I have with you!

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  1. Kristin - A Little Confetti

    November 26th, 2018 at 11:13 am

    Love this! I’m going to make some ornaments with my son as christmas gifts for our family! Thanks so much for this idea. xxoo



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