DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

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If you haven’t heard already, I launched my holiday collection last week! Yay! You can shop everything here. You all are going crazy for the acrylic trees and felt garlands and it makes my heart so happy! Amidst the chaos of orders, I had one of you ask for just the snowmen from my garland because you wanted to make them into ornaments. That’s when I realized how simple it would be to convert the snowman garland into a set of 12 ornaments. So I am sharing how to make DIY felt snowman ornaments out of our snowman garland today. This tutorial can also work for the holly, reindeer, and ornament felt garlands too! It’s funny how all it takes is a comment to make you realize the potential of something you never even thought of!

Just look how cute they are! Perfect for a kids tree or a whimsical take on the holidays!

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

Materials for DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments:

Snowman felt garland

Yes, that is all you need to make these cuties!

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

Simply clip the string in the middle between each snowman. Then carefully tie a knot in the strings to form a loop above each snowman’s head.

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

Repeat with all your snowmen to create a rainbow scarf adorned assortment of DIY felt snowmen ornaments. Then simply use the loop to hang the ornaments on your tree. So simple! And yet so cute!

DIY Felt Snowman Ornaments

I added in a pink stripe ribbon, gold glitter stars, and an assortment of pink ball ornaments to create the most adorable and whimsical snowman tree ever!

As I mentioned, you can do this same thing with our other garlands (Holly berry, Reindeer, and Ornaments) too! Or use these cute little guys when you wrap your presents as gift flair. Now that is a fun and easy way to make your present stand out!

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