DIY Faux Latch Hook Heart Wall Hanging

A month or so ago I did a tutorial for A Beautiful Mess where I shared how to make a faux latch hook wall hanging. I am all about the shortcuts when it comes to craft projects, and this technique makes what looks like a comlicated latch hook piece in a fraction of the time. The piece that I made for A Beautiful Mess was so fun to make, that I wanted to try to create another one for Valentine’s Day. I was inspired by the amazing and intricate wall hangings created by Leo, so I used a similar color palette for my heart latch hook. The DIY faux latch hook heart wall hanging turned out so flipping adorable!

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

Have you ever seen something so cute?!


  • 2 skeins of white roving yarn
  • 1 skein each of several colors of thick yarn (you won’t use the whole skein of the colored yarn, so feel free to pull from your existing stash of yarn)
  • Roving in white, pink, and turquoise (optional but adds to the variety of texture)
  • Foam core board (I used a 20″ by 30″ one from the craft store)
  • Craft blade
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

Begin by drawing a heart on your piece of foam core and using the craft knife to cut out the heart. I wanted my wall hanging to be large for over my mantel, so I drew the biggest heart I could fit on the foam core.

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging


DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

Once you have the heart cut out, it’s time to make a ton of tassels. These don’t need to be full on tassels, but instead just ones that are tied at the top. To make them, wrap yarn around your four outstretched fingers 20-30 times. Then cut a piece of 6″ yarn and thread it through the middle of the yarn loops you just created around your fingers. Tie this yarn in a loop and then cut the loops open on the side opposite of where you just tied them together. This will form your tassel. Then just repeat as many times as is needed to fill your heart shape with tassels. Repeat with all your yarn colors and the roving in the same manner.

I find it’s easiest to lay out the tassels on the heart as you go so that you make enough.

Once you have all your tassels, arrange them to be visually appealling to you. I went with a lot of white and a few pops of color spread throughout. Once you have them all placed where you want them. Come back with the hot glue gun and glue the knotted end of the tassel onto the heart. Repeat with all your tassels.

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

The final step is to add a few removeable adhesive wall strips like command strips to the back of the heart and hang it on the wall. Then use a pair of scissors to trim up the edges to tighten up the heart shape.

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

DIY Faux Latch hook Heart Wall Hanging

This DIY faux latch hook heart wall hanging took about 2 hours from start to finish. So much quicker than a traditional latch hook! Also! You can totally adjust this tutorial to make any shape latch hook you want! Maybe a rainbow? Or waves? The possibilities are endless!

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    Totally on point tutorial, as always. Your color choices are right up my alley!

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