DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter

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Sometimes when you make a craft you realize that the same technique can be applied to many different surfaces. For example, last week I shared a fun terrazzo heart that I made using adhesive vinyl. After making that heart, I realized that the same technique of cutting the vinyl into terrazzo shapes would be perfect for my white stand planter that I have. So after a little cutting and sticking, my planter got a fun and colorful makeover! Read on to find out how I created this DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter!

DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter

I love that this project can both be done without the need for a vinyl cutter and that you can completely customize the color palette. Of course I went with all the colors, but you can easily make it with just pink or even in a black and white pattern. So many possibilities!

DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter


  • Adhesive vinyl (any brand will work, but I like the matte vinyl for this project)
  • Scissors
  • White stand planter (this one is from Target)

DIY Terrazzo Acrylic Heart Decor

To make your terrazzo planter, simply cut out the vinyl into irregular pieces of various sizes.

DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter

Then add them to the planter working your way down and around as you go. I found that it was easiest to cut pieces that fit together to make a tight knit terrazzo pattern by adding the vinyl to the planter as I cut it instead of cutting all the pieces and then trying to make them work. That way I could also make sure that I was able to space out the colors from each other.

DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter

Is it not the prettiest planter you have ever seen! It’s crazy what a little color and pattern can do!

Oh, and if you love this project, stay tuned next week because I am going to share a completely different way to make another version of a terrazzo planter from a ceramic bowl and a truly unique “craft” supply. And honestly, it is soooo good, so you realy don’t want to miss it!

P.S. I have some fun terrazzo patterned products in the Kailo Chic shop, be sure to check them out if you love terrazzo as much as I do!

DIY Terrazzo Stand Planter

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