DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

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I am so excited to share my first ornament DIY with you of the season! After so many years of people blogging and sharing their DIY ornaments, it kind of gets tough to think of new ideas. But while these DIY color blocked ornaments are simple, they are oh so pretty and I can’t help but love them! Plus that gold detailing just brings them over the top, don’t you think?

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

Materials to make your own DIY Color Blocked Ornaments:

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

Begin by taping off your ornament around the middle with washi tape and then painting the bottom half one of your acrylic paint colors.

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

Next, once the paint on the bottom of the ornaments dries, remove the tape and paint the top. Let that dry. Next, cut the tattoo paper into 1/2″ wide strips. To adhere the tattoo foil to the ornament, you will need to remove the plastic top sheet. Then place the gold side face down around the middle of the ornament where the two colors meet. Then use a wet paper towel to wet the tattoo paper backing like you would when applying a temporary tattoo.

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

After 30 seconds or so of wetting the paper, it should start to loosen and can then be peeled away leaving the gold temporary tattoo foil behind.

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

At this point you can leave the ornamens as is, or give them a coat of matte sealant (like Mod Podge) to seal the paint and gold foil.

What I love about using the gold foil tattoo paper is that you can cut it just the size you need and it adheres perfectly to the round ornaments. Metallic vinyl would crinkle and pucker and not lay flat. Plus, that metallic shine of the tattoo paper just gives these DIY color blocked ornaments the perfect holiday glitz!

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  1. Marsha Carsner says:

    Did you seal your ornaments? I love the look!!

    • says:

      I haven’t sealed mine yet, but I plan to so that they stay looking good and don’t get scratched up.

  2. Amanda says:


  3. Tonya says:

    What would you recommend using for a sealant?

  4. Tonya says:

    I’m sorry I meant a shiny sealant, other than mod podge. Lol.

  5. Ashley says:

    Do you happen to have a picture or names of the colors you used? Trying to replicate for a gift! Thanks so much for sharing this post, regardless! So creative!

    • says:

      I Used decoart americana paint in True Red, Seafoam, Citron green, Carousel pink, melon, Primary yellow, Cotton candy, purple cow, and peaches and cream.

  6. Kim says:

    Hi! I am going to be brave and give this a try. I’m a total novice, is there any particular type of paint brush to use? Also, no luck finding ceramic ornament balls yet…will this also work on glass or plastic? Thank you so much!

    • says:

      It should work on plastic or glass, you just need to use a multisurface paint for those. Check out Oriental trading for ceramic ornaments. No particular paint brush is needed. Just preferably not a kids or crayola brand one, but any craft for fine art paint brush should be fine.

  7. Courtney says:

    adorable. have you ever mentioned what paint you use when using acrylics? thanks for sharing with us!

    • says:

      I usually use DecoArt Americana or Martha stewart paints. But I usually just go with the colors I want more than the brand.



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