DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets

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Why is everything better in miniature? These cute mini succulent basket DIY Easter place cards are the perfect way to map out seating and wow your close family. These little place cards would work well for more than just Easter too. How adorable would these be as magnets? Just hot glue a magnet to the back for a cute way to spruce up your office or fridge! They are so adorable that they could even be used in a doll house as a mini planter! So many possibilities with these minis!

DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets
DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets

Supplies needed to make DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets:

Begin by painting each basket with the acrylic craft paint. This step is obviously optional if you prefer the natural wicker look, just skip ahead to the next step.

DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets

Once the baskets are dry, trim the ends of the mini succulents with pliers or wire cutters and hot glue them into the baskets.

DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets

Next, cut the ribbon into 5″ long strips with angled ends and use the letter stickers to spell out your guests names.  Adhere the letter stickers to the ribbon on one end. Wrap the ribbon around the basket handle and use the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to itself to secure it on the basket like a little flag. If you are turning these into magnets, just skip this personallized ribbon step!

DIY Mini Succulent Easter Baskets

Repeat to make enough basket DIY Easter place cards for all of your guests!

To make these into magnets, simply hot glue a craft magnet to the back of the basket. Now that is how you make your crafts pull double duty! If you want to take it up another notch, try making a mini tassel to attach to the basket handle as well!

Why is it that miniature things are so adorable?!

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