Simple Magazine Rack Makeover

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I went to a local vintage and resale shop a week or two ago hoping to find a treasure or two. And while I stumbled upon some unique rattan pieces, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on them. I did however snag this white rusted metal magazine rack for under $20. It was perfect for a simple magazine rack makeover!

Truth be told, I actually had plans to turn it into a log holder for in front of the fireplace. Which I still might do, but for now, a little paint and some leather and this once rusted gem is now pinktastic and modern.

Simple Magazine Rack Makeover

Now that you have seen the after, are you ready for the before?

Simple Magazine Rack Makeover

Definite potential!

Materials for a Simple Magazine Rack Makeover:

The first step was priming the magazine rack. Since the chipped part of the original magazine rack weren’t flaking off, I skipped sanding and went straight to priming. But if you find a vintage rack that has paint chipping you may want to give it a light sand first.

Once the primer was dry, I gave the rack a coat of pink spray paint and let dry.

To give the pink metal a touch of warmth I added a strip of natural leather to the handle. To do this I cut a small hole for the top metal ball detail of the magazine rack to fit through and then used Quick Grip glue to attach the leather around the metal handle. This glue works really well to secure leather almost instantly.

Once the glue was dry, my magazine rack was ready to use!

Simple Magazine Rack Makeover

Simple Magazine Rack Makeover

I am so in love with this simple magazine rack makeover! And like I said, this fall when the temperatures start to drop again, I will likely transition the rack into a wood log holder for the fireplace.

If you can’t find a vintage magazine rack of your own, check out this one and this one that are begging for a pink and leather makeover!

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