How to Make Confetti Patterned Bread

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Can you tell I have been baking up a storm while at home? I just realized that I am now posting two bread recipes in a row. What is this a recipe blog? Hehehehe. You all loved my recipe for the rainbow and leopard spotted bread, so when my daughter asked for more fresh bread (she claims she could live off of it. Me too kid. Me too.), I figured it was time to try another technique I had an idea for. Below I am sharing how to make confetti patterned bread! Yes, that’s right, confetti! Little dabs of colorful bread swirled into the loaf. And every slice is different and perfect and delcious!

How to Bake Confetti Patterned Bread

See? Isn’t it fun? Sort of like funfetti but without the sprinkles and sweetness. And let me tell you, it made an awesome sandwhich!

How to Make Confetti Patterned Bread:

Begin by making my go to bread recipe that you can find here. Once you have the dough through the inital mix, divide off a small section to add your food coloring to. Place the rest of the white bread in a bowl and cover in a warm place to let rise.

Divide your small portion of dough into several grape sized balls and add yoru food coloring. Mix well until it is a solid color. Then let the balls sit on the counter covered for 45 minutes.

How to Bake Confetti Patterned Bread

Once the dough has completed its first rise, punch it down and roll it out into a long rectangle the width of your loaf pan. Now brush the surface with water so that the colored bread sticks to the white bread.

Break off bits of the colored dough and place them around the white dough surface.

How to Bake Confetti Patterned Bread

Brush the surface with water and then roll up and tuck under the ends. Place in your greased loaf pan and cover to let rise another 30 minutes.

Once risen, bake in a 425F oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown and the top sounds hollow when tapped. Brush with melted butter.

How to Bake Confetti Patterned Bread
How to Bake Confetti Patterned Bread

Now all that is left is to remove the loaf from the pan and slice it up and enjoy! Slather it with butter or jam or use it to make a sandwhich. You can even whip up some of my rainbow unicorn cream cheese spread to serve along side!

Bon apetit!

How to Bake Confetti Patterned Bread

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