Master Bathroom Refresh with Abstract Wall Mural

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Spending all this time at home lately has given me a major urge to redo almost every single space. While that isn’t really possible both time and money wise, there are definitely some spaces in my house that are in need of a makeover. Our master bathroom is one of those spaces. When we moved in, I painted over the red walls with a plain gray and that is where our bathroom has been for the past few years. Nothing fancy, just builder grade everything. So when Ace Hardware reached out about refreshing a space in my home, I knew a master bathroom refresh with an abstract wall mural was perfect!

Since I am still trying to shelter in place, I was able to browse online from the Magnolia Home Paint color palette by designer Joanna Gaines available at Ace. With a distinctive palette of 150 colors curated by Joanna herself, Magnolia Home Paint is a designer line at an affordable price. I knew that all the colors from this line would be pretty and perfect because Joanna’s taste is top notch, and chose the deep teal/blue Weekend and the light blush pink Ella Rose to create my brushstroke abstract wall mural. I placed my order over the phone with my local Ace Hardware for curbside pickup and the associates were so helpful, which provided a hyper-convenient and high-quality experience.

Master Bathroom Refresh with an Abstract Wall Mural
Master Bathroom Refresh with an Abstract Wall Mural-5

Just look how gorgeous the focal wall turned out! The two colors combined beautifully to create a wispy, water/wave looking scene. And surprisingly it was so much easier to do than you might think. Follow along below for the step by step of how I created this abstract wall mural.

Master Bathroom Refresh – Before

Master Bathroom Refresh with an Abstract Wall Mural-5

See, nothing special was going on here. Just a huge plain wall that housed our open towel storage and dirty clothes basket. So, it was the perfect blank canvas for a large scale mural.

Master Bathroom Refresh with an Abstract Wall Mural-5

Choosing paint online without seeing it in person can be so nerve wracking for most, but I had my trust in Joanna’s exquisite taste and knew her choices would be beautiful. I was able to browse the full Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint collection via Ace Hardware online and was so pleased when I got home and opened the paint cans. The colors were beautiful!

Abstract Wall Mural

I began the abstract mural by pouring the paint into two separate paint trays and using two rollers and two angled brushes (one of each for each color). As you can see, I didn’t tape off the trim or light switch plate. The small angle handled brush helps me control where the paint goes and I am able to create sharp lines without the use of painter’s tape. But, depending on your paint skills, you may want to begin by taping off the trim and light and socket plates on your wall.

Once I had my colors poured into trays, I began by rolling on the dark teal Weekend color on the bottom along the line where I wanted the colors to blend. Then, I rolled on the pink above the teal. Next, I used the angled brushes to blend the colors together where they met. I continued dipping the brushes in my trays of paint and let the brushes do the blending. Since this was an abstract wall mural, there was no perfection. I just strived to limit harsh brushstrokes and keep the colors blended and flowing.

wall painting in processs

The key to getting a good blend is lots of paint on your brush and working while the paint is wet. So, I worked on just the blended section first, then once I had it the way I liked, I moved on to painting the top and bottom of the wall the solid colors.

Once the brushstroke section where the colors met was the way I liked it, I used the cleaned angled brushes to cut it around the trim and then the rollers to roll on two coats of the paint.

Once the paint was dry, it was time to style this space. I found a pretty caned minicredenza to hold our towels and added this yarn decorated laundry basket I made a few years ago. Plus a piece of artwork I created and all the plants!

Master Bathroom Refresh – After

Master Bathroom Refresh with an Abstract Wall Mural-5
Master Bathroom Refresh with an Abstract Wall Mural-5

The space is so lush and rich looking now. It makes me smile every time I walk into our bathroom.

I also ended up using these paint colors to paint the vanity area of our I also ended up using these colors to paint the vanity area of our bathroom to tie the space together. If you’re planning a DIY project, visit Ace Hardware online to see the full Magnolia Home Paint collection. I can’t wait to share what I have in store for that space soon!

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  1. Robin Sanders

    November 17th, 2020 at 8:25 am

    I love the look and would like to do it to my bathroom. It’s a very small bathroom though. Only thing i wish is you would go more into detail and show more of how you did it. I’m new to this.


  2. Sophia

    January 26th, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    I’m obsessed with that white oblong plant hanger, where is it from?!


    February 9th, 2021 at 8:43 am

    I made it! I sell the kit in my shop at This one is the raw birch wood.

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