Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups

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The post Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups, is sponsored by Tastykake. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep the craftiness and color flowing!

Spring is in the air and all over my garden, so I thought it would be the perfect time to bring in a few garden flowers and create a fruity spring tea party for the family complete with DIY tea cups and serving tray. Of course the tea was perfectly accompanied by Tastykake spring edition peach cobbler mini donuts, Lemon Juniors (my families favorite!), and Blueberry Mini Muffins, with fresh fruit and edible flowers.

Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups
Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups
Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups

Creating DIY Tea Cups and Serving Tray

Of course, this was not your average spring tea party! I just had to add a few DIY elements to make it extra special. Using a bit of permanent adhesive vinyl, I cut out confetti shapes and flower shapes using my vinyl cutter and applied the pieces like stickers to tea cups, saucers, and even an acrylic tray that I used for serving up the Tastykake and fruit.

DIY Tea Cups

The permanent vinyl can withstand hand washing and is the perfect way to dress up plain dishwater for a party or just everyday use.

You can use this cut file for the confetti pieces or these flower pieces to cut out your own similar shapes using a vinyl cutter. Or just free hand some large geometric shapes with scissors for an abstract look!

Such a simple project, but it really made the tea party even more fun and colorful!

How to Add Edible Flowers to your Spring Tea Party

To dress up the Tastykake snacks for this spring tea party, I used edible flowers as a form of edible confetti. While grabbing the seasonal Tastykake snacks at the grocery store, I picked up some edible flowers from the produce section. I cut the edible flowers into small pieces to sprinkle over the peach cobbler donuts, Blueberry Mini Muffins, and Lemon Juniors. I also added edible chamomile flowers (which compliments the chamomile tea that was served) to the tops of the Lemon Juniors. The colors played off lemon yellow coloring and bring in even more spring time brightness and color.

Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups
Spring Tea Party with DIY Tea Cups

It is those little elements like edible flowers and DIY additions like the tea cups that can really elevate your spring tea party to another level. Of course my kids loved being able to snack on the fruit and Tastykake while sipping tea. They felt so fancy. It was a fun new activity that we will be surely recreating several more times. Be sure to pick up these fruity seasonal Tastykake snacks at your local grocer for your own tasty spring tea party. Tastykake products are available at convenience and grocery retailers nationwide. Head to Tastykake.com/product-locator to find the Tastykake nearest you.

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