DIY Terrazzo Candle Holders

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I know that terrazzo has been a thing for quite a while now, but I am still obsessed. While I have done plenty of faux terrazzo crafts with paint and vinyl, I wanted to up my game and try to make legit terrazzo concrete. And what better way to test those skills than my making DIY terrazzo candle holders! They turned out so adorable, the photos really don’t do them justice!

DIY Terrazzo Candle Holders
DIY Terrazzo Candle Holders

They are just so good! And I bet you won’t even believe what I used for the molds. They are the candle molds I used here. So not only can you make candles with these molds, but you can make candle holders too! Double duty FTW!

Of course, the candle holders would not be useable if it wasn’t for a super strong and fast curing glue like RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel with Gel Control Applicator. Since the metal end cap I use for the candle holder portion is uneven on the bottom, the RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel holds it tight and keeps the bond strong so I have peace of mind when lighting my candles.

Materials to make your own DIY Terrazzo Candle Holders:

You will want to begin by mixing up the colored concrete for your terrazzo flecks. To do this, mix the powered concrete with water until it is a thin pancake batter consistency. Then mix in your acrylic craft paint or powdered tempra paint until you achieve your desired color. Then pour this mixture into your mold in a thin layer and let set up.

DIY Terrazzo Candle Holders

Repeat with all the colors you want for your terrazzo candle holders and then once cured and hardened, break the colored concrete into small pieces.

Next, mix up a fresh batch of concrete to the same pancake batter consistency (you can either add paint to this or leave white as desired) and add in your terrazzo flecks. Stir to combine and then pour in your shaped molds. You will want to tap these on the counter for about a minute to remove any air bubbles and settle the concrete into the mold.

Once your concerete is set, unmold your pieces and let dry out for a few days. This drying process will allow any extra moisture to be removed from the candle holders and allow the RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel with Gel Control Applicator to make a stronger bond between the concrete and metal.

Once fully dry and cured, you can sand the concrete to reveal the terrazzo flecks. Next, clean off the concrete surface with a damp rag and let dry.

The final step is to use the RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel with Gel Control Applicator to add a small pea sized amount of the gel to the top of the concrete and attach your painted copper end cap. Let the gel cure for at least 30 seconds to form a tight bond. Then your candle holders are ready to use.

RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel with Gel Control Applicator

Yay! Super adorable DIY terrazzo candle holders! I love that one mold can be reimagined several ways to create different unique candle holders and that the RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel with Gel Control Applicator works perfectly to create a secure bond between the concrete and metal to ensure these candles don’t topple over when lit!

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