DIY Edible Friendship Bracelet Skewers

Calling all Taylor Swift fans (and parents/aunties/BFFs of Taylor Swift fans)! You have to make these DIY Lover themed edible friendship bracelet skewers for Valentine’s Day. They would look so good served up on my fillable acrylic cake plate at a V-Day party; just fill the plate with pastel confetti hearts for an extra touch of whimsy. Or, wrap each skewer in a cello bag to send to school as class valentines.

Check out the full DIY video right here! Keep reading to see how I turned giant marshmallows into a Lover inspired sweet treat.



Step 1: Use the edible spray food coloring to create a gradient effect with your marshmallows. Use pastel yellow, blue, and pink to mimic the look of Taylor’s album cover for Lover.

Step 2: Spray paint a few marshmallows with just pink.

Step 3: Use your food color pen to add letters. I chose to use song titles from the Lover album, but you can get creative with this step.

Step 4: Slide your marshmallows onto the bamboo skewers. Hint—wet the skewer first to help them glide on.

There you have it! A simple way to make a big (and yummy!) statement this Valentine’s Day.

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