DIY Edible Friendship Bracelet Drink Markers

If you thought the edible friendship bracelet skewers I made were cool, then you’ll love my latest take on the trend: Edible friendship bracelet drink markers! This craft has the sweetest retro childhood vibes with a decidedly adult (read: boozy) spin. But of course you could use them for any type of drinks, from mimosas at a Galentine’s brunch to mocktails at a teen slumber party and more.

I leaned into the Taylor Swift theme, but you don’t have to be a Swiftie to get in on the fun! Drink markers are a practical way to reduce waste at parties as well as making your guests feel extra-fancy. If your pals are the crafty types, have all the supplies ready for them to make their own DIY drink markers. Or, make them yourself ahead of time to wow your partygoers. The best part is nothing goes to waste at the end of the event—the “bracelets” are edible!

If I’ve convinced you to re-create these edible drink markers for your Galentine’s party this year, here’s how you can do it. (You can see the full DIY video here.)



Step 1: Roll out your white fondant with the fondant roller until it’s the right thickness (hint: use your candy necklace beads to measure), then cut out small circles of fondant.

Step 2: Use your food color pen to write your guests’ names on the white fondant circles, one letter per circle.

Step 3: Take apart a candy necklace, then string some colorful candy beads onto the fishing wire, followed by the fondant letters, and then more candy beads.

Step 4: Tie off the sides of the fishing wire, then attach to your favorite drink glasses with mini clothespins.

Now just pour your drinks and watch your guests enjoy this adorable DIY.

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