DIY Jumbo Daisy Friendship Garland

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What’s better than a giant friendship bracelet garland, inspired by the queen of friendship bracelets, Miss Taylor Swift? A spring-themed jumbo daisy friendship garland, of course. I took the ball-pit balls I typically use as “beads” and glued them together to make giant pastel daisies. You can DIY your own and add custom letter discs spelling out the phrase you want. Boom! Decorations for your next party are sorted.

If you want to try your hand at this DIY, let me walk you through it. You can check out the full DIY video here!



Step 1: Hot glue your ball-pit balls together in a daisy shape. I used a yellow center for each flower (except the yellow one) and made one in each color.

Step 2: I used some single white balls to start off the garland. Thread the white thread on the needle and then stick it through each ball.

Step 3: Stick the needle through your first two daisies. The thread will go through the top and the daisy will hang down from the thread.

Step 4: Thread your custom letters onto the garland. Then add the rest of the daisies and the single balls at the other end.

Your custom DIY friendship bracelet garland is ready to hang. It’s going to look so good!

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