DIY Rainbow Scalloped Mirror

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Can you even stand how cute this DIY rainbow scalloped mirror is? I was inspired by a pricey wall mirror I saw online. I decided to take an arched standing mirror I already owned and see if I could give it a Kailo Chic makeover. This project cost me less than $50!

First, I designed the border using a half circle shape repeated. Then I cut out the scalloped border using my Cricut Maker 3 and smart vinyl. I taped it into place and spray painted the border and the vinyl in my signature rainbow gradient. Finally, I applied the vinyl similar to how you would apply wallpaper, making sure to smooth down any creases and bubbles. Check out the DIY video here.



Step 1: Measure your mirror and then design your border. I created mine using a half circle shape and repeating it.

Step 2: Cut your design out using the Cricut Maker 3 and white smart vinyl.

Step 3: If you want to create the rainbow effect, tape the scallops into place on the inside edge of the mirror frame, keeping the backing on. The tape is temporary so that you can spray paint the frame and scallops at the same time. Make sure the mirror is completely covered before painting.

Step 4: Use your spray paint to paint a rainbow along the edges, making sure to hit both the frame and the scallops. To create the gradient effect, just let the colors slightly overlap. It’s easier than it looks!

Step 5: Once the paint is dry, remove the scallops and take the backing off. Carefully apply the vinyl around the inside edge of the frame, making sure to line up the colors correctly. Use a credit card to smooth down any bubbles or creases.

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