DIY Pop Tart Clock

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You’ve seen my fake cake DIYs, but today I’m raising you a faux pop tart! I made this delectable-looking DIY pop tart clock, and you can snag your own in my shop right now. Or, get creative and follow along with my DIY tutorial. I used my Glowforge 3D printer to cut out the pop tart base, but you can get creative and use whatever materials you have—plywood, a solid piece of plastic…maybe even some really sturdy cardboard! You can see the full DIY video here for more details on how I made it.



Step 1: Cut out your base piece using acrylic and a 3D printer, or using an alternative material. Make sure to cut a small hole in the center for your clock face.

Step 2: Spread spackle across the base piece as if you are spreading icing. It should look a little messy.

Step 3: Before it dries, add your polymer clay sprinkles.

Step 4: Insert your clock face into the center of the pop tart.

Enjoy the cutest and most nostalgic addition to any room in your home!

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