DIY Tinsel Fringe Pillow

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My summer collection has officially launched, and one of the items I’m most excited about is the tinsel fringe streamer garland! Of course it’s festive and cheerful enough on its own, but I’m also having fun coming up with new DIYs that incorporate this sparkly product. For example, my rainbow tinsel fringe pillow, which I made by simply cutting the separate fringe colors and hot gluing them onto a throw-pillow cover. Head here to see the full DIY video.

You can make your own by snagging the tinsel fringe garland from my shop, or you can go ahead and buy the ready-made pillow cover if that’s more your speed. (The completed shop version is sewn on, not glued.) Either way, you don’t want to miss out on this eye-catching piece of decor to add to your summer style.



Step 1: Once you have your throw pillow cover, measure it and cut the pieces of tinsel fringe streamer to the correct length.

Step 2: Starting at the bottom, sew or glue on each color of tinsel fringe, making sure to overlap them enough so that none of the cover peeks through. Put the insert back into the pillow.

Sit back and admire your DIY pillow in all of its fringey, sparkly glory!

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