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Be the teacher’s pet with this oh-so-cute DIY disco pencil! It may not write, but it will definitely win over a teacher’s heart. Give it as a last-day-of-school gift for the teacher who has everything. I used an old mailing tube, a paper-mache cone, and crumpled tinfoil to create the pencil and then covered it with sticky disco tiles and stained them with my favorite alcohol ink. A genius in my Instagram comments suggested using a Pringles can and filling it with smaller gifts. Love that!

Before you get started on this fun craft, head here to check out the full DIY video.



Step 1: Cut the mailing tube down to the length you want it. Hot glue the mailing tube to the paper-mache cone. Crumple the tinfoil to make an eraser shape and hot glue it into the base of the mailing tube.

Step 2: Apply the stick-on disco tiles to the entire pencil, leaving most of the cone plain. (You’ll want to add some tiles to the tip to make the pencil “lead.”)

Step 3: Apply the alcohol inks using a makeup sponge to the tip of the pencil, the pencil, and the eraser, leaving some silver in between the pencil and eraser to mimic the metal on a real pencil.

Step 4: Let it dry for about an hour and there you have it!

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