DIY Colorful Giant Four-in-a-Row Game

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My family loves spending time in our backyard, especially since we gave it an upgrade a few years ago. Playing outdoor games is one of the ways we stay connected, and you know I like to keep everything at the Kailo Chic household on brand, meaning as colorful as possible! I gave this giant four-in-a-row game from Home Goods a makeover with my favorite colors of Montana gold spray paint.

I couldn’t stop there! I decided to cuten up the discs by turning them into hearts and smiley faces with a paint pen. See the full DIY video right here!



Step 1: Start by taking the board of the four-in-a-row game off the stand, or by covering the stand with protective paper to keep paint from getting on it.

Step 2: Start at the top of one side of the board, spraying a line of spray paint a few inches down. Take the next color and slightly overlap it, creating a second band of color. Continue with four to five colors on one side, making sure to choose colors that work together well.

Step 3: Repeat on the second side of the board. You can use the same colors on your second side or switch them up. I chose to do warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other.

Step 4: Spray paint half the discs in a golden yellow. Spray paint the other half in a fuchsia. Let dry.

Step 5: Draw smiley faces on the yellow discs with a black paint pen. Draw small light pink hearts on the fuchsia discs with a paint pen.

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