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I found this wood hexagon table at goodwill a few months ago and it was just begging for a makeover. One of the legs was wobbly, but it was solid wood and only $8, so I bought it and hauled it home.

First thing I did was use some wood glue and a clamp to fix the wobbly leg. While that was drying, I used a sanding brick to sand the surface and remove the clear coating that was on the wood. You can see the sanding dust in the picture above where I had begun the sanding process. 
Once the table was lightly sanded, I applied a coat of primer (Zissner BIN 1-2-3). You can see here where I primed the bottom of the table. The top had already been painted when I remembered to take a photo (oops!). 

Next step: painting! I chose spray paint because I wanted a smooth finish with no brushstrokes, and honestly, it’s just easier. I used Valspar emerald green color in flat. Once the spray paint dried, I coated the top with poly acrylic in semigloss. I used a foam roller for ‘smooth surfaces’. Once the poly acrylic was dry, I let it cure for a couple days. It was almost finished, but not before I used some gold enamel to paint the accent bands around the table legs. 

And that’s it! I’m so glad I added the poly acrylic on top, because the kids get this thing dirty ten times a day, and it always easily wipes clean. 

Any furniture project in the works for you?

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