Colorblocked Cinder Block Planter

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The other day when I was at Home Depot returning the light that didn’t work for the kids room (read more about that here), I saw that they had some new cinder block units. These ones were tall and thin and had three openings. I could totally see it as a centerpiece for a table with some little plants in it. So, I snapped one up for a measly $1.20 and brought it home to decorate with some spray paint.

The first thing I did was to use painters tape to tape off one portion of the planter, making sure to completely cover the area I didn’t want paint on.

Then, I sprayed the exposed cinderblock portion with one color (an emerald green). Once that part was dry, I peeled off the tape and repositioned it onto another portion of the cinder block.
Next, it was time for color number 2: lime green. Once that one was dry, I taped off the top of the planter and spray painted that portion gold. To fill in the bottom holes of the planter, I used some air dry clay and a piece of scrap wood.

I made a little ball of the clay and used the wood to push it down into the hole (sorry if that sounds naughty). This would seal up the bottom of the cinder block so that dirt would stay inside the hole. Now it was time to let the clay dry overnight. The next morning, all that was left was to add the dirt and succulents.

Now I have a cute little planter vase for my outdoor table. I’m tempted to make another one for inside, but I’m afraid my littlest might find it too tempting and make a huge mess of the dirt. So for now, I will keep this one outside and enjoy the bright pop of color on my table.

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