Gallery Wall Wednesday – Madeline’s Pink Polka Dot Room

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Since this week is all about my daughter Madeline, today’s Gallery Wall Wednesday feature is her pink polka dot bedroom wall. As I mentioned in this post about her bathroom, her bedroom was also painted a pepto pink color when we moved in. After redecorating her bathroom, I convinced her to let me paint at least one wall of her bedroom white and add pink vinyl polka dots to it to match her bathroom. She was game, and so the decorating began.

I purchased her bed from ikea (I had my heart set on a white wood daybed from West Elm, but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag for a kid bed), and spray painted it gold. Her walls went ultra pure white by Valspar in eggshell finish, and the dark pink polka dot vinyl decals got placed sporadically around the wall.
For the gallery wall, I started things off with an Ikea Ung Drill picture frame that I spray painted white. I used chalkboard spray paint on the clear glass portion of the frame to make a cute little message center right above the bed. I also glued some paper butterflies to the frame to add to the whimsy. You can also see in this photo that I added some felt flowers that I picked up in the Target Dollar Spot for a little 3D effect.
 Next, using a combination of store bought frames and spray painted thrift store frames, I added several pieces of art around the center chalkboard.
As with all my gallery walls, I like to mix ready made art with diy pieces to give the wall a personal touch. Madeline’s wall is no exception. Above you can see a cat picture that my sister embellished for Madeline with glasses and a word bubble spouting “Meowdaline”. You can also see the tissue paper party art I showed you yesterday.
On the other side of the wall, we have the cross stitch that my mother-in-law made for her after she was born, and the framed picture of Elsa that my daughter colored. I especially think it is great to feature kids art in the their rooms. It gives them a feeling of pride to see their work framed and displayed.
The last little touch to this wall are the tissue paper pom poms I made. These were in her room at our old house, but I had to put them back up here because they are one of my favorite things. I love these colorful bursts!

That concludes Madeline’s gallery wall. Check back tomorrow for a tutorial on how Madeline and I decorated her plain white Ikea Malm dresser.


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