Ikea Hack – Glitter Chevron Malm Dresser

As I promised yesterday, today I am showing you the simple little ikea hack we did to Madeline’s Malm dresser. I think she felt left out after seeing the cute O’verlays I put on Parker’s dresser, and told me one day, “I am going to go decorate my dresser now”, while toting a bag of markers. So, I told her to put her markers down and we would think of something fun to do to her dresser. What we ended up doing was using pink glitter chevron wall decals (originally from Target but picked up on super sale at Goodwill) to decorate the drawers of her dresser.

The process was fairly simple. I just measured the dresser drawers and cut the decals to size (I had to overlap a few as they weren’t long enough to go all the way across) and then stuck them to the dresser. I made sure to wrap the decals around the sides of the dresser drawer to give it a nice clean look.

And that was literally all it was. Now she as a dresser that is decorated and really, what 5 year old doesn’t love pink glitter chevrons? 
P.S. The cherry blossom branch is also from Ikea. The one thing she said she wanted when we moved to this house was to put “roses” on her wall. I found this branch one day at Ikea, and she was happy to have these instead.

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