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Today’s home tour features the Kailo Chic office space. I use this space to not only hold all my craft supplies, but it functions as the place where I sew all my bags as well. I have so many business supplies, fabric, and crafty items, that my built-ins are filled to the brim and I have left over stuff hiding in the guest bedroom closet. But first, a pretty shot of my office gallery wall.

office gallery wall new

Okay, so about those built-ins I mentioned above. They were in the house when we moved in, which was nice because I knew I would put them to work holding all my stuff. Unfortunately these built-ins are pure function and not much decoration, so pardon the mess. They have to hold quite a bit, and although I organized them before taking these photos, they still look quite chaotic. The built-ins have three sections. The first section on the left holds most of my craft supplies and finished product.

built in 1

As you can see, the bottom shelf holds my printer and some product (sunglasses cases and clutches) that are in progress. The second shelf contains my spools of ribbon, one of my many pen holders, some finished marbled ring dishes, and a box with miscellaneous craft supplies.

builtin close 1

The next shelf up contains my paint, glitter, washi tape, and glue. I have so many different cans of spray paint and acrylic paint. They are a must in any craft room for me! The next shelf above the paint shelf is one that contains some boxes of metal tins for my old coaster and magnet sets I used to make, a box with miscellaneous stationary and envelopes, and those blue metal bins contain my business cards, earring cards, and earring bags.

builtin close 3

On the top two shelves I have some more finished clutches, some spray painted animals for a future craft project, some yarn and some more boxes for storage that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

builtin close 2

The second section of my built-ins have some of my fabric stash on top, the a tray for my camera and accessories, my binders and business papers, my crafty writing supplies (markers, pens, sharpies, paint pens, etc…), and the bottom of the built-in has my computer and bulletin board.

builtin 2

The third section of my office built-ins contain the rest of my fabric, my spare sewing machine, and my heat press that I use to iron the interfacing on to all of my bags and wallets before sewing them. I had organized the fabric a couple of months ago, but I use it all so frequently, that it tends to get disheveled fairly quickly. There are a ton of different fabrics shoved in that tiny space!

builtin 3

Under the center portion of the built-in it is open so that it can be used as a desk. I have my computer and chair on one side of this space, and on the other I have a basket for all my scrap fabric that accumulates as I cut my bags out.

scrap basket

On the opposite side of my built-ins is the wall where I have my gallery wall, cutting table, and some storage drawer units I got at Ikea. These drawers hold all my jewelry supplies (the left unit) and my extra product, decorative paper, and pocket mirror supplies (the right unit). You can also see that my sewing table is set in the middle of the office. That way I can face my pretty gallery wall when I am sewing and have more room to spread out my materials.

office 2

My office is right by the front door and has two french doors that open to look upon the built-ins in my formal living room. I love this view so much. I just get to stare at these beauties as I sew.

office 4

To the right of the doors the wall features some of the laptop bags that I have recently sampled and are in progress. It also features my gold stag head that I use to hang my wristlets. My ironing board is also permanently set up over here because I have to iron every wallet and bag that I make before it gets shipped out.

office bag wall

To the left of the french doors is my gallery wall. Here are a few closeups of this space. I talk more about the pieces of art on this wall in this gallery wall Wednesday post. I have added a few new pieces to my wall since that post including a piece of abstract art I painted a couple of weeks ago. I like it, but think I need to frame it so that it will fit it better.

office 5

office gallery wall new

Well, that is my office. I am usually in here for several hours each day sewing, blogging, and creating, so it has to be bright, colorful, and full of prints. Just like I like! I hope you enjoyed taking a look around!

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