Repurpose It – Door Knobs to Wall Hooks

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So, I was at Home Goods the other day. Which if I am honest is kind of a weekly thing for me. Anyway, I was there picking out some fun shelf accessories for a friend of mine and I found some super cute door knobs by Cynthia Rowley. They were half wood and half a turquoise resin and $10 for all 4 of them, so of course I snapped them up quick. Although, I wasn’t planning on using them on my cabinets or doors like you may think. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wanted to turn them into awesome wall hooks for my necklaces. And the process was easier than you might think!

For this project you will need door knobs of your choosing and a drill and small bit to drill a pilot hole (about 1/4″ would work well).

After you determine where you want your hooks to go, you will drill a small pilot hole at each hook location. Then you can just screw the hooks directly into the wall. If you will be using the hooks to hold heavier items or a lot of necklaces, then you will want to use a molly first, then screw the hook into that.

These fun wood and resin knobs coordinated perfectly with my summery guest room, so I decided to use them for decor as well as function. Yes, you could use them in the bathroom or your closet to hold your jewelry, but why not have them on display instead? I went ahead and placed them a little above the night stand, and I love the way the necklaces and knobs become almost like a piece of art here.

What do you think? Want to try it yourself? What other fun things could you hang from them over the night stand? I bet a fun color cord and light socket kit from would look awesome wrapped around these knobs and then hanging down over the night stand. Ooh…. I think I just got my idea for my next project!

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