Home Tour Tuesday – The Guest Bedroom

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Today’s home tour is all about our guest bedroom. In addition to its main purpose as a space for our guests to stay, it also serves as the catch all and staging area for my blogging and home decor props as well as other items (like our piano) that don’t have a place elsewhere in the house. I have kept the walls white in here so that I can easily swap out decor pieces for a brand new look and the great lighting makes it an ideal place to take photos.

The bedroom is currently set up with a very light summery feel, but that is sure to change as fall approaches. Its nice to have a space that I can constantly rearrange and redecorate as my mood suits.

A little about the details of the space.
The bed is a full and is on a simple white frame from Ikea. The navy dresser is also an Ikea piece that I hacked by painting and adding overlays to (you can get them here). More on the how to of this piece coming soon I promise!

On top of the dresser is a lamp from Ross stores, faux wood candle holders from Joann fabrics, a piece of abstract art I painted, a love frame from Hobby Lobby, a decorative box from Home Goods, and a faux grass plant from Ikea. To the right of the dresser is one of my many fiddle leaf figs that I got at Home Depot.

On the bed I have some fun summery pillows (the anchor and lobster ones are from Target) and the pineapple pillow was one that I made for a post here. Above the bed are the painted geometric art pieces that I currently use as the “headboard”. You can read more about how I created them here.

There is one tiny window in this room, but it overlooks the courtyard, so I have it in my mind that eventually it would be awesome to put some french doors in here (right where the dresser and fiddle leaf fig meet) to create a walk out directly to the courtyard. I haven’t had this priced out yet, so it is really just a dream, but how awesome would that be?!

As I mentioned above, this room also houses our piano (actually it belongs to a friend of ours and were are just housing it) and a large scale aerial photo of Austin back in the late 70’s early 80’s. I got this piece from my dad and love it so much. It is fun to look at it in depth and see highways that were in the process of being built and how different the city was 30-40 years ago. I have yet to find the perfect space for it, so this is where it stays for now.

That is about it for this room. I have had several design ideas for this space, one being to decorate and paint it to coordinate with the guest bathroom, but I still like having the blank canvas to mess with however I see fit. Once this room is “complete” I will be out of rooms to decorate, and that just means that I will have to go back and redo other rooms. I kid. Sort of. But for now, it is a bright and colorful guest retreat. 

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