DIY It – Colorful Copper Leaf Napkin Rings

If you remember last week I talked about copper Cassini leaves I picked up at Paper Source on one of my recent visits. I used the smaller leaves in the pack to create a set of fall themed drink stirrers, and today I will share how to turn the larger leaves in the pack into pretty napkin rings. Now, I have to admit this is one of those project that didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped (it was a sizing issue), but read on to see what I did and what you should do when you make your own. Even though my napkin rings were too small, they were still cute!

The issue with these rings was that the pvc pipe piece I bought to make the napkin rings were too small, and I didn’t realize it until I had already assembled all of the napkin rings, so it was difficult to get the napkin into the ring. But this can easily be fixed by getting a 2″ in diameter piece of PVC instead of the 1″ ones that I used. Or just use them with small paper napkins instead like I had to do!

The Supplies:

  • Copper Cassini leaves from Paper Source
  • 2″ in diameter by 3″ long piece of PVC pipe (you can find these connector pieces at the hardware store in the plumbing section and they should run you less than $1)
  • Spray paint in fun fall colors
  • Hot glue

Making the napkin rings is as simple as spray painting the pvc pipe, letting it dry, and then hot gluing the copper leaves to the front of the pvc pipe pieces. Since I used the smaller pipe, you can see that the colorful pipe wasn’t large enough to show through behind the copper leaf when on the napkin. Using the large pipe that I recommended should allow a little pop of color to show through.
Honestly, I am bummed that they didn’t quite turn out as I planned, but hopefully you take my advice and yours will turn out perfect!

You can even use the same method to make these napkin rings without the leaves and just use spray painted pvc pipe by itself for a more modern and simple but still colorful napkin ring.

So, are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? It is my turn to host our families Thanksgiving meal and I will definitely be remaking these in the correct size for the table!

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