Build It – A Color Blocked Two Tiered Coffee Table

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I am all about the mid-century modern aesthetic, but I don’t necessarily love the price tag that often comes along with all those coveted pieces. So naturally I decided to use my DIY skills to create my own mid-century inspired piece. And with a little Deco Art Vintage Effect Wash and a few cuts of wood, I was able to DIY  the cutest color blocked two tiered coffee table!

See?! The absolute cutest ever!!! All the traditional mid-century two tiered tables that I see are all rectangular, so I loved the concept of making this one round. Plus, it makes the color blocking pop even more against the curved table tops. 


  • One 18″ wood round (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • One 24″ wood round (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • One 12″ long by 1.5″ in diameter wood dowel
  • Mid century tapered table legs (you can find this at the Home Depot or Lowe’s, but I took mine off a broken thrift store table and got them for cheap!)
  • DecoArt Vintage Effect Wash in Berry, Pink, and Turquoise
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drill
  • Gorilla brand wood glue
  • Screws
Begin by taping off your tabletops with the painter’s tape and painting on a layer of the Vintage effect wash. You will want to have a few clean dry paper towels with you as you paint so that you can wipe off the extra paint to create the stained wood look. Basically the process is brush on a few strokes of paint and then wipe it off in the direction of the wood grain. And repeat until you have the entire section of tabletop stained with the Vintage effect wash. 
Once you have the one section painted, remove the tape and reposition it to paint the other section a second color (or leave the raw wood grain on a portion as I did on the blue table).

Once your tabletops are painted and dry, you are ready to assemble your table. What I like about the Vintage effect wash paint is that it not only lets the wood grain show through, but it has a built in sealant, so once the surface is painted and dry, it is good to go!
I began by attaching the two tabletops to each other. To do this, cut the dowel rod into 4″ pieces with the ends at 10 degree angles. Drill two 1/4″ holes into the table top where the dowels need to go (you want them in a triangle shape with the dowels about 15″ away from each other) and then use the wood glue to attach the dowels over the drilled holes. This will insure that when you add the reinforcing screws in the bottom and up through the dowels, that they will be positioned correctly.
Let the glue dry overnight, then flip the table up and use three screws to reinforce the dowels to the base by screwing them up through the pre-drilled holes. 
Next, you will add glue to the top of the dowels and attach the smaller tabletop on top of the dowels being sure to center it. Add a few heavy books to the top and let the glue dry overnight once more.
The final step is to drill holes for the table legs. You can either drill pilot holes directly in the bottom table top, or you can use leg plates. I ended up just attaching the legs to the table top directly to save a bit of money and it worked just fine!
Once your legs are on, your table is finished and ready to use!
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my new color blocked two tier coffee table! I love the colors, the mid-century inspired look and that color blocking is perfection!
The best part about this project is that it cost under $30 to make and only took about 2-3 hours total. So not only is it cute, it is the perfect weekend project that won’t break the bank. Yay!

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  2. Elizabeth

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    This whole little area is adorable! I can’t believe you made the table. It looks so good! I love all the bright colors 💙❤💛

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  7. Julie McCarter, Revivit

    November 2nd, 2020 at 6:43 am

    I absolutely love this table! I repurpose, repaint and refurbish dumpster dives, which involves a lot of furniture “building” so to speak. I am definitely going to be building this table. We’re looking for a house right now. I’m praying I can find a MCM style from the 60s with some orig character but the major things updated (roof, hvac etc). Anyway, it would be a perfect showcase for the things I have been acquiring and building. This little table will join them. I don’t think I can do those colors. But I LOVE THEM. we are more the orange, brown, grey and some red and teal. 😉 thanks for sharing this how to.

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