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By now I am sure you have seen that this is the year of the statement earring. Whether it be tassels, beads, or pom poms the over the top look of these earrings just bring that perfect pop of bright and colorful to your outfit. There are several tutorials out there for making your own statement earrings, and I even sell pom pom earrings here in my shop. But to make yourself really stand out from the crowd, I wanted to share how easy it is to make your own dragon fruit slice pom pom earrings!

Aren’t they just full of all sorts of summer vibes?! And this tutorial can easily be made with red and green yarn instead for a pair of watermelon pom pom earrings! How sweet!

  • Yarn in fuchsia, white, and black
  • Mini pom pom maker
  • Scissors
  • Ear hooks – gold
  • 6mm jump rings – gold
  • Pliers

Begin by making your dragon fruit poms. To do so you will want to wrap one thin layer of white yarn around one side of the pom pom maker, and then layer over a few lines of black yarn.

Next, add another layer of white and another layer of black lines. Then finish with a layer of fuchsia. On the other side you will want to wrap the pom maker with just fuchsia yarn.

Close the pom maker and cut down each side. Then tie a 6″ piece of yarn around the center of the cut yarn. You want to make sure you tie a knot that is very tight around the yarn so that the pieces don’t fall out. 
Next, open your pom maker and remove the pom pom. Use the scissors to trim the pom pom down to a more oval shape. I used the scissors to cut the white and black portion of the pom pom down to a tight circle and left the fuchsia portion a little longer so that it looked like the exposed rind of the dragon fruit. 
Next, you will want to create a loop on the end of the ear hooks using your pliers and add on the jump rings. 
Finally, hook the open jump ring around the piece of center yarn that you had tied around the pom pom to keep it together and close the jump ring. Ta-da! Your earring is finished. Now repeat with the other pom and your pair of dragon fruit pom pom earrings are ready to wear. 
I am so obsessed and can’t wait to try out a watermelon slice and even a kiwi. I’ll let you know how those turn out once I give them a try. But in the meantime you can find me sporting these dragon fruit poms as I try to keep summer feeling going well into fall. xo. Kara

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