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You all probably know that I love typography. I have made close to a dozen projects involving text and words, like my favorite YAY vase. They are the perfect way to say what you want to say without actually having to say it, and for an introvert like me, that is gold.


These typography drink stirrers are the perfect way to dress up your cocktail for your next party. The best part is you can easily customize these to your parties color scheme and appropriate phrase. Bridal shower? How about MRS and MS, or BRIDE. Birthday party? CAKE, BDAY, YAY all would be great! So, now that I’ve convinced you that you need to make a set of typography drink stirrers for yourself, let me show you how easy it is.



Begin by rolling our your polymer clay into about 3/8″ thick sheet. Then use your letter cutters to cut out the clay into the letters you need to spell out your words. 
Lay all the letters out on an upside down baking sheet (that leaves the top food safe and keeps the polymer clay touching only the underneath side of the tray) and bake at 275F for 15-20 minutes. Then remove from the oven and let the clay cool. 


Once cool, use the E6000 glue (or super glue works too) to attach the letters to each other and then to the top of your swizzle sticks. 

Once the glue dries, your custom typography drink stirrers are ready to adorn your cocktail glass! And how cute are these blendo glasses by the way? You can find them here in my shop in case you need them for your next party too!

So, what phrase would you put on your stirrers?

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  1. jeannie says:

    So cute. Have you ever made a 4-letter word using the clay on the stirrer?



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